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10 Health Benefits Of Eating Apples You Never Knew

A n apple a day keeps the doctor away! This is an age-old saying that our parents and grandparents have told to make sure that we eat enough apples. There's a lot of research done on the health benefits of apples and doctors and nutritionists have continued to recommend consuming apples on a daily basis. One of the most popular fruits in the fruit family, apples have been grown for centuries throughout Asia and Europe. Let's see what is it that makes apples so popular and healthy... There is a long list of the many health benefits of apples. They are rich in Vitamin C, K, B6 and riboflavin. Minerals like copper, magnesium, potassium and manganese are all present in apples. Eating apples is also a good way of consuming your daily dose of recommended fibre. Here are some other health benefits of eating apples:
1. Improves digestion
The fibre content in apples helps in improving the process of digestion. They ensure smoother bowel movements and are known to prevent stomach disorders and constipation.
2. Aids weight loss
Fibre content in apples can make you feel full and keep you satiated for long. They reduce appetite and prevent overeating. This makes apples a perfect fruit for weight loss.
3. Controls diabetes
It is extremely essential for diabetics to control their blood sugar level. Polyphenols in apples help in reducing carb uptake in the body. Reducing carb uptake in the body helps in preventing fluctuations of blood sugar levels in the blood stream. Furthermore, the polyphenols in apples help in stimulating insulin receptors in the cells.
4. Helpful in treating anaemia
People suffering from anaemia are often suggested to consume apples since they are a rich source of iron. Iron is crucial for the metabolism of red blood cells.
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5. Prevents heart diseases
Apples are considered excellent for heart health. They reduce cholesterol levels in the body and build powerful defensive mechanism against cardiovascular diseases. Antioxidant properties in apples reduce fat oxidation and neutralises fats found in the blood vessels that can exert excess pressure. Quercetin, a flavonoid in apples reduces inflammation in blood vessels. This is the reason why apples are considered strong heart boosters.
6. Improves intestinal health
Apples are known to improve the functioning of bacteria in large intestines. They improve metabolism in the digestive tract. They help in eliminating harmful bacteria and toxins from the body.
7. Reduce weakness
People who usually feel weak and fragile are recommended to eat apples as it helps in increasing vitality and vigour. This is the reason why patients are given apples in illness. Apples are helpful in detoxifying the body and improving overall health. They are extremely helpful in keeping muscle weakness at bay.
8. Improves vision
Apples are known to improve eyesight and make eyes stronger. Flavonoid compounds and antioxidant phytonutrients reduce the effect of free radicals on eyes and prevent many eye diseases.
9. Skin care
Antioxidants in apples are considered good for skin health. Regular consumption of apples prevents skin conditions like wrinkles, premature aging and spots to name a few.
10. Dental care
It is said that apples aid cleaning of the teeth and gums. It also helps in reducing incidence of tooth cavities. The fibre content in apples has antibacterial properties that contribute to keeping bacteria and viruses away from the body.
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