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64% of Venezuelans lost 11 kilos due to lack of food

T he Survey on Living Conditions in Venezuela (Encovi) presented this Wednesday and conducted on 6,168 homes across the country, made by major Venezuelan universities revealed that 64% of respondents reported having lost an average of 11 kilos in the last year for not being able to access food. The Encovi, which is carried out every year since 2014, was carried out with information obtained between the months of July and September so the researchers have made it clear on the day of their presentation that these results do not reflect the effect that the phenomenon of the hyperinflation that began in October, about Venezuelans.
"There is an average of 64% of people who report a weight loss of 11 kilos in the last year," said the doctor Marianella Herrera, from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) with a postgraduate degree in Clinical Nutrition from the Simón Bolívar University ( USB) Herrera explained that 61% of respondents said they had "gone to bed hungry" because they did not have enough food and 90% said that their income "is not enough" to buy the necessary food.
In addition, 78% of respondents say that many of the foods in the basic basket are not available. It should be remembered that in Venezuela there are many staple foods that are not available in the markets but that can be obtained with informal merchants at high prices or very expensive brands in supermarkets. The results presented by the nutrition expert indicate that 63% of people have practiced the "strategy" of "yielding food at home" by eliminating meals or cutting portions on plates. "There is a 20% that does not eat breakfast and the snacks are practically eliminated" while "70% say that it is not enough to buy healthy and balanced food".
Herrera adds that ultimately, "80% of households have some degree of food insecurity", which means that they have identified three or more of the previous variables that have to do with access, cost or quality. "We have dramatic reports of mothers deciding which child is going to feed today (...) that is happening," he said. On the other hand, the specialist points out that Venezuelans are losing the sense of what a "complete meal" is because dishes often lack nutritional balance.
"The traditional diet continues to lose quantity and quality, highlights the decrease in the contribution of corn flour and the one that is sold is mostly imported and is not enriched as required by national regulations," he said adding that regulations on nutrition " They used to be extremely rigorous. " It is noteworthy, at this point, that there is currently "a deterioration in the quality of the products" that the population is consuming and that "the diet focuses on rice, corn, wheat flour, tubers" and sources of iron and other micronutrients have been reduced.
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