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Foods Should Not Be Taken Together In One Meal

The digestive immune gate in the body, if you suffer from health problems such as irritable bowel or bloating or constipation or diarrhea or heartburn syndrome, know that your digestive system is the reason or part of the problem, which can cause bigger problems in the whole body, such as allergies, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, rashes, acne, mood disorders and cancer. So nutrition experts advised the need to take care of it, and the immune system by ensuring the meals, to know that the food should not be taken together, such as:
Bread and jam
Longer eat white bread with jam is very harmful, in the bread and jam contain high levels of sugar, which will lead to high blood sugar dramatically.
Muffin and lemon juice
Have you ever felt like laziness and drowsiness after taking the two together? This is because both contain large amounts of sugar, which is stored between tissues and muscles, followed by a rapid decline in blood sugar.
Tomato and Cheese
The tomato mixture and cheese meals of months, but the most serious, addressed together cause lower energy levels in the body and affects the intestines and digestive movement, tomatoes contain a large proportion of amine acids and is fit dealt with dairy or carbohydrates because all meals vehicle.
Banana milk
Eating mixture "Amethyst" or banana milk has also weigh, mix bananas with milk slows down the digestion process dramatically. Eat more than one source of protein in the meal Considered foods containing protein, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, legumes, foods that are difficult to digest because they remain a long time in the stomach. So in order to avoid bloating and gases, is recommended to take only one class in the meal.
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