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New ways to lose weight

We will start with some short advice's you should go on . --Have a break of eating meat or chicken give your body a break of meat or chicken .. eat 2 times a week . --Never forget breakfast you have to give much importance for breakfast . it helps to feel full for the rest of the day . -- No meals after dinner . never eat any meal after dinner and try to have dinner before 7 pm . --Drink water instead of juice when you feel that you need juice just drink enough quantity of water . it's always better .
Now let's start
As we know .. you can lose many kg ms at the first weeks . but it's not going to continue because when you lose about 4:5 kg ms in one or 2 weeks . that doesn't mean you did what you needed . seriously the 4:5 kg ms are water and glycogen . so don't be happy it's only a start . Now some advice's again to lose real weight
1- no problem if you lost only 1 k gm in the first week .
2- drink about 8 glasses of water day .
3- don't worry if you put on 1 k gm in one day you will lose it easier .
4- do exercises every day .. and try to practice any sport .
Have a tough diet for one or two months and watch what is going to happen to your body .
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