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Tips for weight loss without diet

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Eight simple tips from a professional nutritionist.
Let's be honest: it is not easy for everyone to sit on a stressful diet or deprive yourself of pleasure at least once a week to eat a slice of pizza. But thought that again it is time to go to a diet, just suppress and life stops playing with bright colors. It is not necessary to surrender, because there are some tips or secrets that help you maintain your fitness without resorting to drastic measures, according to Chronicle.info with reference to healthy living.
1. Drink daily water intake
This water is the key to slim personality, good health and good mood. Do not forget that hunger does not happen sometimes because of what you want to eat and what you need to extinguish your thirst. Of course, there are times when the normal water I want to replace sparkling water or soda, coffee with sugar or coffee with sweetener, but it is better for you not to do, because the full sugar that contains these drinks is stored on the body. You must have a clean water jug ​​and remember it when you want a "bad" soda.
2. Do not overdo the festive festivities
Of course, you can not deny myself to relax during the holidays and try everything on the holiday table, that's right. No need to maintain strict limits, because you alone positive emotions, you will not get the desired result of the diet. But that does not mean that you should participate in all the holidays. For example, if the team decides to order only the pizza and celebrate the closing of the quarter, it weighs the pros and cons well before reaching a piece of these delicious foods.
3. During the meal more speech
No doubt you gathered around the dining table to satisfy your hunger, but do not forget the simple rule: "The more you talk during the meal, the faster you feed."
In one study, the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, scientists asked people to eat a diet of ice cream with different periods of time: one for 5 minutes and the other to prolong the fun for half an hour. In the end, those who enjoyed the ice cream slowly developed peptide YY-so-called satiety hormone, who treated with candy in five minutes, was not. So try to eat in the company, not to eat more than you need.
4. Do not pay attention to diet products
You should not wait for any benefit from low-calorie products and fat; they are all a marketing stunt. The problem is that these products are often subject to strong chemical treatment and contain large amounts of carbohydrates. In addition, the company removed them from fat, but added sugar, salt and other additives.
5: There is no "bad" food
The more "good" and "bad" food, the more addicted you become. So the psychological consumption. In a study conducted by the University of Toronto on women who had been deprived of chocolate for weeks, they felt more interested and consumed more chocolate than those who had free access and were not psychologically probing.
In the last study, the results confirmed: If you say to yourself that you can not eat at least a piece of chocolate and do not want to think about it, you have an obsession with chocolate. This is due to the idea that you are suffering from diet and make you feel guilty and over-eating as a result. To get a happier relationship with food, stop trying to classify foods on "bad" and "good".
6. Give yourself the opportunity to relax
It is scientifically proven that the more we say we give your body to relax, the more food we ask. Sleep is an important component of the absorbed form. Because the body during sleep does not waste energy, begins to search for it in the extreme situation. But if you work extra time or decide to postpone the dream for other reasons, be prepared after some time, you will eat a hot dog, and wash it with soda.
7. Do not engage in the skin of the self
If you do not resist and eat a meat sandwich with french fries, you will not feel the curse. Calm and promise yourself this will not happen again. Self-awareness can improve the relationship with food and a healthy lifestyle, according to new research at Waterloo University in Canada. Low self esteem may lead to an eating disorder that causes weight gain.

8. Experience in the kitchen
If you think a healthy and healthy diet is limited to kefir, buckwheat and boiled chicken breasts, then you are mistaken. Today, nutritionists are trying to diversify the diet and offer a variety of delicious recipes that will not harm the shape. Remember that the main helper in your kitchen must be spice, because it is able to make even the most delicious dishes.
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